Substitutes for picking


#tw body horror and self harm Hi, do you have any idea how I can stop myself from picking at my skin when stressed (esp. when social interaction of any kind happens)? I hurt my foot soles because I try to pick the dead skin and tear into…

easilyannoyedcamwhore said:

Wearing bracelets which interlock/interact with each other - Like lots of beads which you can roll across each other, or around the string, or hard bangles which click and rub against each other. I wear a mixture of star-shaped pony beads on elastic, black and white letters on crimp-cable, and solid copper bull rings. They’re a lot of fidget, they pleasantly stimulate the skin when you’ve got them in motion, and they’re something that you can wear all the time and nobody really notices.

It has the bonus effect of making it difficult to get to the skin underneath them, if you wear a lot of them.

another reply about picking

Here is how I went from spending 6-7 hours per day sitting and picking my scalp and not doing anything else to only picking very rarely. 1. Went of medication that had anxiety as a side effect. 2. Playing with blu-tac 3. Stopped wearing dark trousers (because I used to pick my scalp and want to see flakes of skin fall onto my lap and they showed up best against a dark background. Lighter trousers made it harder to see them. 4. Willpower 5. Soothing anxiety with music, TV and playing with cats