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Social skills for autonomous people: Meeting sensory needs without violating boundaries


Sometimes people feel a strong need for a certain kind of sensory input, and then use other people’s bodies to meet that need even over their objections.

It’s not ok to do that. Not for sex, not for comfort, not for any other reason. People’s bodies are their own.

But sensory-seeking isn’t the…

Forgot to reblog when I first saw it to add: the best headphones I have ever encountered for music-listening as a sensory thing are noise-isolating headphones, like these ones: . They are like a combination of earplugs and headphones. You can shut out outside noise with a lot lower volume of music than it would otherwise take, and if your music-maker is broken, you can hum quietly under your breath. Because they work like earplugs, you’ll hear your voice resonating really loudly, and you won’t be able to hear as much outside.

As a bonus, they’re super-comfy.