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i know it’s not exactly your thing but i don’t know where else to ask: do you know any good stim toy recommendation/review blogs? particularly discreet/adult-friendly stim toys…
realsocialskills said:
I don’t know of any active stim toy review blogs for adults.
Sensory Squids is a blog that used to do that, though, and they have a lot of good reviews from when they were active. 
Fuck Yeah, Stimming! isn’t a review blog, but it might be helpful anyway. They do talk about specific products sometimes, and they also talk about a lot of difference stims, some of which are discreet.
Do any of y'all know of good stim toy review sites?

Tangle Toy Review



I recently bought two tangle toys over the internet to trial as stim toys. This is my first experience of using tangle toys so I ordered two types.

Tangle Therapy:


This arrived first. The colours are reasonably bright and links are covered in a gel-like outer layer with tactile bumps. I appreciated the texture of the bumps when rubbing my fingers over them and that the covering made it good to squeeze, however I found the whole thing really bulky. Not great if you want something more discreet to stim in public or in lectures (as in my case) or a toy that fits well in a pocket.

Tangle Jr White:


Sold as ‘tangle jr’ but theres a small chance is could be a ‘tangle classic’. This toy was much smaller, had less links (but enough) and they were considerable less bulky, probably 50% less. I found that I liked it a whole lot more, much easier and more stimulating to twist and use and much easier to fit in a pocket. Lacks the tactile bumps which is a shame but overall I prefer it. With this colouring (also comes in plain black and a multitude of brighter colours) and it’s size, this tangle is much less conspicuous, however, its hard plastic make-up means it does produce noise unlike the rubbery covering of the tangle therapy.

For Quiet, bulky, squeezable, bumpy/tactile stimming: Tangle Therapy
For more discreet, smaller, twistyier but clicky stimming: Tangle Jr

autisticadvocacy said:

[Images are of two different tangle stim toys as described in the paragraphs below the images. The first is in green pink and light blue in addition to the texture described, and the second is smooth and white in addition to what is in the description.]