vocabulary building

For the sake of vocabulary-building

What are some good words that are either:

  • Swears (eg: fuck)
  • Not-quite-swears that are clearly substitutes for actual cussing (eg: exclaiming fudge or sugar, saying something stinks instead of saying it sucks, etc) 
  • Clean insult words/phrases (“go step on legos”, asinine)

These are important words, and I know y'all know some I don’t.

Using Google Images to learn new words

Using Google Images to learn new words

Sometimes, especially when you’re learning a foreign language, looking stuff up in a dictionary doesn’t help. Formal definitions can be confusing. (And, for a second language, using the dictionary too much can lead to translating rather than understanding.)

Sometimes looking things up in google images helps more, because then you see lots of pictures of what people familiar with the word think it refers to. (And, especially if you turn safesearch off, it’s useful for figuring out which seemingly innocent words might have sexual or otherwise potentially awkward connotations).