Social skills for autonomous people: Some examples of social violence against disabled folks




I wrote a post a while back about writing characters with disabilities. I said that in real life, disabled folks experience social violence regularly. In order to write realistic disabled characters, it’s important to write in…

alement said:

Having your cane ripped out of your hands while walking(sometimes causing me to fall)  because I don’t ‘really’ need it. (Once, A woman in her early thirties came up to me and started lecturing me about mocking people who use canes and trivializing them, because it hadn’t occurred to her I could really be disabled.)

tavablake said

One thing that isn’t an attack but that happens to me all the time with a cane - walking next to someone who doesn’t pay attention to where your cane is, so they’ll accidentally kick it out from under you/step on the base/get their bag/coat caught on it. While unintentional, it’s thoughtless, and can still unbalance me badly.