Ugh, speaking as someone with an Asperger’s diagnosis, I HATED Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. I literally threw the book at the wall in fury halfway through, that’s how much its…

tedanaxe said:

That book was a catalyst for me. We read it in class (terrible now i look back on it, why do that?!) and we had to find info about asd and so on. I can still remember that some kids were like “how can he think that?!” And i was like… “Erm this is how thinking works..? You dont think like this?”. This, combined with the research sort of led me to getting a diagnose. I see that there are many, many problems with the book but i just cant think very badly about it because it was the beginning of how i finally began to understand myself better.

realsocialskills said:

I hear that. I feel similarly about other books (including some condescending parent narratives that I’d probably find unreadable if I encountered them for the first time now, but which I have very positive feelings about given how important they were for me).

Sometimes any representation at all is an improvement.