Or ABA. ABA is the basis for reparative therapy AND the basis for really problematic autism therapy. Can one make comparative statements about that and if so, how?

I am not sure I am comfortable with the choice to qualify the autism therapy as “really problematic” while not qualifying reparative therapy similarly. I mean, yes, I would totally agree that some of the very fucked up autism “therapy” out there appears to be based on ABA. But… Reparative therapy has a higher body count. I’d consider it at least as “problematic”.

(Unless there’s some kind of reparative therapy I’m not aware of, which isn’t the “ex-gay” shit.)

And I would be fine pointing out that these appear to be basically the same case: Someone has a trait which is inherent to them and not inherently harmful, but which some other people find upsetting, so let’s try to break them in the hopes that we can put the pieces together in a way other people are happier with.