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There’s nothing wrong with putting up a picture of a musician. Anyone who jumps to the conclusion that you have a gay crush, or who teases or shuns people perceived as having gay crushes, is doing something wrong. There’s a lot of teasing,…

theblacksmithsdaughter said:

The point is that these things have cultural connotations that I didn’t know about, and that I think it’s worth knowing what they are.

As a person who was teased and bullied a lot during grammer school (3rd-8th grade) I second this. As much as I don’t think children should be forced to conform and the bullies and teasers are wrong kids often time just don’t have any help in this situation. Our society has yet to see any reason to stop bullying and abuse really. So children should understand why they are being bullied and mistreated by their peers so they can make informed decisions about their behavior.

My life got so much better when I came to understand what it was about my behavior that told predators (because bullies are predators) that I was a good victim.