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re: talking bad about people as a red flag. in my experience, literally everyone on the planet complains about other people from time to time. this is part of normal adult social behavior as far as i can tell. someone who is constantly…

thefrumlifechoseme said:

I think it’s when someone criticizes something that a person can’t help–for instance an invisible illness, appearance, family/background,or a bad past–that’s really harmful.

There’s also a difference between venting about someone’s behavior that was hurtful or harmful and attacking who they are as a person.

And of course there’s a difference between unnecessarily bringing up someone’s past and bringing up a person’s history in order to protect others. For instance, if someone has a history of habitual violence, that should be brought up in order to protect others. However, someone’s past struggle with addiction, depression, or an eating disorder isn’t always necessary to bring up in order to protect others–the only context in which that would be okay to bring up would be to protect the welfare of the recovered person if they started showing signs of their previous illness.