Some strategies for wearing costumes


Some people like to buy bagged costumes for costume stores, but that isn’t a good option for everyone.

Some reasons bagged costumes are not a good option for everyone:

  • Bagged costumes are often really expensive
  • They tend to have unpleasant textures, fabrics, smells, and seams
  • It might be hard…

theoriesofminds said:

If you’re going to be outside and it’s cold out, you may want a warm costume. A queen’s costume with a robe will be warmer than a costume that uses a leotard and tights (like some superheros or a ballerina). Other costumes that involves warm clothes might be a 50’s guy with a letter jacket, or a zombie-something-warm (zombie Christmas caroler? Zombie lumberjack?). You can also wear long underwear under some costumes.

If the weather is unpredictable, you may want a backup warm costume just in case.

If you’ll be wearing the costume for a long time, comfort can be important, especially for people who have sensory issues. Some costumes are scratchy or overly tight. You might want to try wearing it for a while ahead of time to make sure you can put up with it.