when you see a customer mistreating an employee



Anonymous said to :

Yesterday I saw a man being very angry with a cashier while I was standing in line. She was obviously upset and nothing she told him would calm him down, even though she wasn’t a manager or anything. I wasn’t sure if I should say…

thesarcasmofsamwise said:

When I had my first barista job (I worked in a coffee shop in a grocery store) was still in training and my manager and the other employee left to go check inventory and I was on the floor. A line formed and two women started yelling at me for taking too long and saying they wanted to get me fired because I was a lazy shit and I obviously didn’t have a work ethic, and I was fat and dumb. And the guy behind them, seeing I was almost in tears (first job I was a teenager) after they left in a huff after my manager came back and issued them a refund, immediately said he was so sorry and he thought I was doing a great job and those women were ridiculous. After he finished his shopping, he came back and told me that his coffee was one of the best drinks he’d ever had, and I shouldn’t be discouraged. He wasn’t creepy or hitting on me; he was just being genuinely nice and took the time to come back, and like ten years later I still remember that dude, because his small kindness made me feel like a human.