This is a good example of something used to intentionally confuse powerless people about communication and consent.

This is a worksheet with typed questions. A student’s (defiant) responses are in handwriting. The handwritten responses are in [brackets]. This worksheet is not about problem solving or communication. The only possible responses that will be accepted are pre-determined compliant responses. This worksheet is an example of something that intentionally confuses students about consent and communication, and confuses them into thinking they “agreed” to things that were in fact imposed on them.

Do not do this.

Text of the sheet follows:

Classroom Expectations and Responses


In order to better manage the class, together we will discuss and elaborate procedures for the following situations in the classroom. For each situation, we will decide which actions should be taken by me, Mr. Thomas, and yourself, the student.

1. If I have a question, need help, have a problem, or need to interrupt Mr. Thomas, 

I will [shout my opinion]

 Mr. Thomas will [shout back]

2. If I arrive in class without the necessary tools, such as pens, pencils, worksheets, or my binder,

I will [freak out]

Mr. Thomas will [cry]

3. If I am late to class,

I will [burst into class and comment on Mr. Thomas’s mustache] 

Mr .Thomas will [blush and say thanks]

4. If I am late for class [4] times,

I will [make an effort to be late next time]

Mr. Thomas will [give me a high-five]

5. If I am absent from class,

I will [probably be out partying somewhere]

Mr .Thomas will [miss me dearly]

6. If I do not hand in an assignment or lose an assignment

I will [bribe the teacher]

Mr .Thomas will [be able to afford a new laptop]

7. If I need to use the washroom or pencil sharpener

I will [kill 2 birds with one stone and sharpen my pencil on the way to the bathroom]

Mr .Thomas will [be proud of my efficiency]

8. If I arrive in class or am found in class with food or drink, in the class

I will [share]

Mr .Thomas will [not get any]

9. If I am caught using a cellphone or other electronic device without permission,

I will [say “Hold on a sec, I’m making a call]

Mr .Thomas will [understand]

10. If I am disruptive in class, (For example, constantly leaving my desk or work area, interrupting Mr. Thomas when he is giving instruction, distracting others while ignoring my work)

I will [begin a mutiny]

Mr .Thomas will [begin his downfall]

Are there other situations which need to be discussed?

[Mr. Thomas will be tied down, Jacob will reign over the classroom]