Social skills for autonomous people: Why some of us need food strategies


I’m sorry, but I really don’t understand the post about reminders that food exist? Can you please explain it to me? I really can’t relate to this problem. Thanks
It’s a common problem for people with neurological disabilities, and it can have many different…

And it can also be a simple somatic problem.

With stuff like diabetes or severe anemia (or even just an extremely fucked up blood pressure or something), there are times where your body is so freaking exhausted by the simple task of keeping you aware and somewhat functioning that you really can’t manage anything else.

There’s times my blood pressure’s so low I see black or stars even lying down and if my Dad or my Aunt don’t notice and get me some caffeine and sugar and water, I spend hours just staring at the ceiling, trying not to lose consciousness.

So actually keeping around a bottle of water and some caffeinated chocolate at all times means that if I am lucky enough to get some warning signs and recognise them, I can avoid an afternoon of staring holes in the air, waiting for someone to come find me and feed me.

So, yeah, I sometimes need reminders that food exists and I also need to keep food nearby because if I don’t, I can’t actually manage any remembering or organising or actually searching any food because all my ressources are needed to not pass out.