On google risks



totallyacomputer said: Can you elaborate on this part? (of this post) “If Google knows that you are autistic”

realsocialskills replied:

Employers and schools often google the names of applicants.

If googling your name turns up a reference to you being autistic on the first…

turtleisaverb said:

On the other hand, realize that in some places it actually can help to be open. And that when you are interviewing they will notice your behaviors.

Figure out not only what you want to do, but how much you want to tie it to your real name AND in what way. If showing your are autistic is by being an activism, will they like that? Are you an angry activism or someone who informs not angry? Do you talk about your impairments or about ableism or about the ways you succeed anyways.

Don’t make it just to be googled, but look and see what they find. And maybe use two identities, one that they will find and one they won’t, if that matters for what you want to do.

Should this matter? No. Will I hide any details of what I’d write about my autism from a job? No. But I know that people are mistreated and people do lose jobs and sometimes it’s easier to work on changing culture if they give you a chance to exist in the first place.