High school graduation


My daughter graduates from high school in a month. She has Aspergers and had many challenges but managed to do well academically. However, she didn’t feel that the school dealt well with her. She is happy to close the door on that part of her…

twistmalchik said:

I didn’t walk for high school. I hated that place and those people, and I didn’t want to sit in hot robes listening to speakers drone on about things I didn’t need to care about anymore.

I walked for college. Looking back, I wouldn’t have. The only reason I did was because my dad said he wouldn’t help with costs if I didn’t walk. It was hell. I wore clothes I hated, with nasty robes made of synthetic fibers over top. It was hot and loud, and I had to shake hands with people. As an autistic person who isn’t keen on touch, it was awful.

If I go back for my masters or doctorate, I will not walk unless I am invited to speak. It’s not worth the sensory hell. And it seems pointless. It’s over; let’s move on.