Upcoming elections on Tuesday



In the US, Election Day is this Tuesday (November 4th).

So, does anyone have questions about Election Day? Or information they would like to share about Election Day?

(Aside from candidate endorsements or suchlike; I’d like to keep this nonpartisan).

wheeliewifee said:

I have been a poll manager several times, and I have a few tips:

each poll worker has (in theory) received at least minimal accessibility training— but they will not likely OFFER assistance without being asked.

For example, even though they could see I am a wheelchair user, when I voted early this year I had to ask them to lower the machine for me.

But if you can bring yourself to ask for help (or if you can have someone ask on your behalf) these are some of the accessibility services available:

- lowered machines
- larger sized text, and/or increased contrast
- there are also typically headsets which can be used for an audio-ballot

Also, something which a lot of people don’t know, but could be of assistance for neurodivergent individuals: you can request that a poll worker assists you in filling out your ballot!

They have a special form for it, which you’ll need to sign, and they can in no way tell you who or what to vote for- but they can help in many other ways:

- reading the ballot out loud
- explaining basics (what they’re running for, what party the candidate represents, etc)
- answering questions
- filling out the ballot for you (with your choices, of course)
- and more!

If there’s something that may help you vote, please ask.

It is very important that disabled people have our voices heard, I just wish the accessibility accommodations available were more widely advertised.