Using Google Images to learn new words



Sometimes, especially when you’re learning a foreign language, looking stuff up in a dictionary doesn’t help. Formal definitions can be confusing. (And, for a second language, using the dictionary too much can lead to translating rather than understanding.)

Sometimes looking things up in google images helps more, because then you see lots of pictures of what people familiar with the word think it refers to. (And, especially if you turn safesearch off, it’s useful for figuring out which seemingly innocent words might have sexual or otherwise potentially awkward connotations).

… i highly doubt this would work, has anyone tried it consistently?

because the way i see it, i would expect the results to be straightforward if the concept is concrete and familiar (i.e. objects, places, etc), but not so much if it’s abstract

and if it’s abstract, it’s likely to have the kind of unclear definition we’re trying to avoid

i highly doubt that google would help you understand what these words mean, even if you’re just using this method as a reinforcement with the definition (they’re pretty damn basic in this case)

so… idk, not meaning to sound snarky but it seems rather unhelpful

I use Google Images for this fairly regularly.

It doesn’t work for everything, and it’s definitely not a replacement for dictionaries and things. I look up words more often than I google them.

But for some words, it’s amazingly helpful - and often, when I’m still confused after using dictionaries, google images helps a lot.

(One thing I used it for recently was to figure out which of a few possible words for “accessible” was the one used in the sense relevant to disability).