Verifying that you are registered to vote in the US election

fridayiminlooove asked: I’m pretty sure I’m registered to vote, but I want to make sure, is there a way to double check?

Realsocialskills answered:

Yes, there is. Voter registration (including party affiliation if you’re registered with a party) is a matter of public record, and it is possible to check.

The easiest starting place is

They have a tool for checking whether you’re registered. They also have a tool for helping you register if you’re not already.

That said, isn’t always right. Sometimes they will say that you are not registered when you actually are. (It says I’m not, and I definitely am.)

If says that you are not registered, it will also give you a link to the website associated with your precinct. (It may be a state-level, county-level, city-level or some other level site.) Your precinct will have a more complete registration list. Most areas have online tools for checking. If they don’t, you can probably find out by calling your board of elections (there will be a phone number on the website).