Nice Lady Therapists


Content warning: this post is about physical and emotional harm done to people (especially children) with disabilities by (mostly) female therapists. Proceed with caution.

This is a hard post to write. It’s about abuse. It’s about a kind of abuse I haven’t seen described much. I think…

walkingsaladshooterfromheaven said:

Not therapists specifically but other women in “helping” roles, particularly teachers/education professionals, have been this way to me.

In varying ways and to varying degrees. But there is a dynamic there.

It’s a “What I’m doing to you is for your own good and I’m being sweet and nice about it so you have no right to complain” sort of thing.

It’s subtle disrespect and dehumanization, in which they completely deny that that’s what they’re doing to you. It’s very gaslighty. And it is an attitude that is frequently encouraged among female education professionals.

It’s so terrifyingly ubiquitous and there are so very few guaranteed safe spaces from it.

Even women who do not normally have this attitude can take it on if they feel like you are being enough of a Problem to warrant it.

realsocialskills said:

Yes. As though being nice is a tone of voice, and that it does not require actual respect.