Hello, I am usually triggered by unexpected music & the rickroll song in particular is very bad for me. Thank you for pointing out that rickrolling is a harmful prank — I’ve been considering whether I’ll have to stay off tumblr around April Fool’s because so many people are pushing it as harmless, fun, and not something that needs to be tagged.

waterloggedtomorrow said:

Also, I don’t know that this person will see this, but the thing about rickrolls is that they’re not going to be on your dash, right? They’re going to be links you’ll have to click on. And what we have now that we didn’t really in 2007 is the thing at the bottom of your browser that pops up to tell you where a link goes. And obviously you can’t tell whether or not the link is to that video in particular, but if it goes to a youtube video, don’t click it! Probably even if it’s not a rickroll, because youtube videos play automatically when you open the tab, and if you have an issue with unexpected music. I hope that helps maybe?

realsocialskills said:

That can help some people, but it doesn’t entirely solve the problem because:

  • There are a lot of different videos, and people who don’t want to watch songs still often do want to watch other things
  • Eg: videos demonstrating makeup, videos explaining stuff
  • People who want to avoid unexpected invasive music should still be able to watch that kind of video
  • Also, the thing about links is easily circumvented by using URL shorteners, and people who want to trick others into clicking something they don’t want to click are generally not above concealing the URL
  • And there are contexts, like Twitter, on which virtually *all* URLs are shortened

Basically, just, don’t trick people unless you know them and are reasonably sure that they would appreciate being tricked.