When food is too hard







I so cannot wait for it to be cold enough to run the oven without dying.  I miss being able to throw some chicken nuggets in the oven and then have food 6 minutes later.  The oven makes so much I don’t want to cook food possible.

realsocialskills said:

Could you get a toaster oven? I find toaster ovens really useful for exactly that reason.

lanthir said

Oh my gods yes!  And toaster ovens preheat practically instantly, because they’re so small!
They’re perfect for stuff like, cooking frozen snack things, and making cheese toast or cinnamon toast, and all sorts of really quick, easy foods!

realsocialskills said

The other advantage to toaster ovens is that a lot of them have timers that can make them automatically shut off when the time is up.

That’s a really useful safety feature for people who tend to get distracted and start fires.

self-assuring-love said:

On the other hand, if you’re sensitive to noises or in a small space, try your toaster oven’s “stay on” option (maybe combined with a timer). Some toaster ovens tick incredibly loudly when set to shut off at a time, but will be silent/much quieter when set to “stay on”. 

realsocialskills said:

That’s also a good point.