Why some of us need food strategies

I’m sorry, but I really don’t understand the post about reminders that food exist? Can you please explain it to me? I really can’t relate to this problem. Thanks
It’s a common problem for people with neurological disabilities, and it can have many different forms. 
Here are some examples of reasons people might need an explicit strategy for making sure they need:
  • Not having very good body awareness, and having trouble identifying the sensation of hunger. If you don’t recognize hunger readily, it can be hard to remember to eat
  • Having trouble remembering how to do things. This is hard to describe. It’s things like - having to think through every single step explicitly. Like - get up, walk across the room, open the fridge, find the food, put the food in the microwave, set the buttons, press start, remember you’ve done so, eat the food. If you have to think through all of that explicitly, it can be very difficult to do so.
  • Having trouble recognizing objects as edible. 
  • Being so distractible that it’s hard to focus long enough to notice hunger, figure out what to do about it, and then actually do that thing without getting distracted and forgetting that you were hungry in the first place
  • Being so exhausted and out of spoons that you start to lose track of really important basic things. Remembering that food exists and that eating it is necessary isn’t automatic; it takes some degree of mental energy. Most healthy, able-bodied people never get so run down that they even notice this energy being spent, but people with certain disabilities or chronic illness can and do often reach the point of exhaustion where it requires more energy than they have.