Headphones to reduce noise?




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A friend of mine recently lent me her noise-canceling earmuffs that she uses for the firing range at a party, and I found them super helpful for avoiding getting overwhelmed by the noisiness of…

wolfesbrain said:

If price is an issue, you can also look for “noise-isolating” or “noise-blocking” kit. Noise canceling is (if I’m understanding things correctly) supposed to be an active process of taking in sound and putting out sound waves that’re equal and opposite so that they cancel out.

Noise-isolating/blocking is usually passive and works as it sounds, by blocking sound from entering the ear.

As for brand reccs, I have a bad habit of pushing Skullcandy brand gear. They’re well-built, reasonably priced, and of high enough quality that someone who’s not an audiophile won’t complain. Plus, they’ve got an awesome warranty. Manaufacturers defects equal replacement no questions asked, if you destroy them accidentally, they’ll give you a credit for 50% of the current MSRP of the broken device towards the purchase of a new one.