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How do you ask someone if they know of jobs you might want? I know a professor who’s very well-connected in my field, but I have no clue what to say really. How much information do I include about my education, skills, interests, type of work I want, etc.?

I worked under a graduate student one summer as her “field research assistant”, in the course of things, the professor she was working under came out to check on the project. The grad student gave a glowing review of my work.

When I returned to the university that fall, I visited the professor during her office hours and asked straight out of she knew of any professors or grad students looking for an assistant/intern, preferably in my field of choice (marine biology; the professor taught/researched general botany). She offered to put me in touch with one of two professors who ran marine biology labs. I chose the one that most piqued my interest, and got a job in a marine ecology lab. I still kind of regret taking that job over one working in a lab that focused on sea turtle research, but that’s neither here nor there.

All that to say, schedule an appointment or go see the professor during open office hours (if they have any) and ask. Maybe be prepared to offer a few references and/or a CV if the professor asks for them?