A friend of mine is being told by their psychologist that they need to sever all their online relationships and learn “real contact” with “real people” to develop their “social skills”. Every time in the past that they tried that it got…

wyste said:

Also, the only reason someone would need to sever a friendship in order to make a new in person one is if the online friends are monopolizing your time. Otherwise it’s like saying “stop going to chess club Thursday so you can start going to church Sunday.”

realsocialskills said:

And even then, it’s usually possible to reduce the amount of time you spend with a particular friend without severing the friendship. (If it isn’t, something is wrong. People often want to spend more time with a friend than a friend wants to spend with them, and it’s important to be able to deal with this without pressuring your friend into a kind of relationship they don’t want to have, or into doing things only you want.)