In your opinion, would you classify a person who is physically unattractive also be considered disabled person to an certain extent? In you post “Examples of Social Violence Against Disabled Folks”, there were examples that were listed that I have gone through that felt offensive and hurt but I never saw it as social violence.
realsocialskills said:
I generally speaking wouldn’t consider being unattractive to be having a disability. But people considered unattractive do tend to face a lot of social violence.
Because what social violence boils down to is it being socially acceptable to consider some people hateable and treat them horribly.
That happens to a lot of different groups.

youneedacat said:

It also depends on the level of unattractive.

Disfigurements are often considered similar or the same as disability, even though all they are really is (depending on the culture) just extremely unattractive to most people.  Some disability law even covers disfigurement.