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lexsplosion said:

In general, if you are convinced that you know better than the person that you’re talking to what their own thoughts, feelings, and motivations must really be—and keep insisting that they’re just too sick or don’t have the insight to understand what their REAL thoughts, feelings and motivations are—you need to go away and stop hurting people who are already having a rough enough time.”

This this this this this. Also pretty terrified the person who abused me wants to be a therapist. :(

realsocialskills said:

It scares me too. I wish this was the first time I’d heard about an abuser wanting to become a therapist.

Therapy is so important for so many vulnerable people. And there are abusers who take advantage of that. It’s terrifying.

youneedacat said:

One of my long-term abusers, someone who has not seen me since 1996 but has participated in cyberstalking extremely recently to this day?  Became a therapist.  She was working on her psych degree when I first met her, and even then already believed she had the right to fuck with people’s lives, act like she knew them better than they knew themselves, etc.  But it wasn’t even as benign as that.  She enjoyed inciting drama and friction and tension between people.  If there was not a problem she would create a problem because she got off on people having problems.  She would even lie to create problems — she has lied multiple times, blatantly, not misremembered but outright lied, in the course of her cyberstalking and defamation campaign against me.  And I’m far from the only person she’s targeted.  She’s also set up situations where she’s deliberately triggered people who were fairly psychologically stable to begin with, and induced symptoms of mental illness so that she could take on a long-suffering martyr caretaker role (that is the only explanation I can imagine for some things I’ve seen her do).  And she’s a therapist, and that scares me to death.  I am afraid for her patients.